Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals for all your Needs


Exterior Height- 91 in

Exterior Width- 43.5 in

Exterior Length- 47 in


2 Station Restroom Trailer
2 Station Restroom Trailer Diagram

2 Station Restroom Trailer

The 2 Station Restroom Trailer is a great compact unit that will easily fit into most spaces. We always recommend using this restroom trailer for events that have an expected guest count of 100 people or less.
# of Stations- 1- Womens/1 Mens
Frame Size- 8 Feet


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About Our Rest Room Trailer Rentals

There are many beautiful outdoor event locations, but their appeal will be lose without the proper facilities. We offer porta-potty rental units and restroom trailer rentals. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, wedding, music festival, or any other special event, our porta-potty rentals and restroom trailer rentals our units can take care of your guests. Our restroom trailer rentals  offer air conditioner, flush-able toilets, and more. Please use our contact us page to request a quote today.


Frequently Ask Questions about our Restroom Trailer Rental Services

What’s different about a bathroom trailer versus a standard portable toilet (porta-pottys)?

Each Restroom trailer has separate men’s and women’s entrances. Additionally, each side has privacy stalls to ensure your guests feel completely comfortable. But this is just the beginning. We offer climate controlled portable bathrooms featuring flushable toilets, sinks with running water, mirrors, and lighting inside and outside of the trailer. The air conditioning and heat is conveniently thermostat controlled. Your guests will find all the same amenities they would expect to find at the finest indoor venues.

Why rent a restroom trailer for your outdoor wedding/event?

Outdoor weddings and other special occasions can be absolutely magical. The one caveat is that often times there is no bathroom or the caliber of bathroom is such that guests leave early to avoid needing to use it, when dressed in their best. The restroom trailer offers the perfect solution for any type of event.

How much does it cost? Do you offer longer term rentals?

We have flexible pricing depending on the size and duration of events. Please contact us for a quote today.

What is included in the price?

Toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels are included. Generators or water fill-up service are also available if necessary. Call today for a quote.

Can you provide an attendant for my event?

An attendant is not usually necessary but if you prefer we can arrange for an attendant to maintain the restrooms, replenish supplies, clean after each guest or simply be nearby for reassurance. Discuss your requirements with our staff.

Do you service my area?


How do I keep my rented facility maintained during an event?

The restroom trailers are virtually self-maintained. Customers are responsible for basic upkeep during events, such as adding paper products when necessary and keeping the unit cleaned. We’ll show you how. Or if requested, we will provide an attendant for an additional fee.

Where can the Restroom Trailer(s) be placed?

They may be placed almost anywhere on level ground with access that is not obstructed with low hanging branches, low hanging power lines or fencing. A location should be chosen where the trailer is not obtrusive but easily visible and accessible.

How many people will a restroom trailer handle?

We offer a selection of restroom trailers to suit various sized events. 

Does someone need to be available when the Restroom trailer(s) are delivered?

Yes, we need to have someone there to give us specific instructions on location and setup options. We also need to to go over the operating procedures.

What are the water requirements for portable restrooms trailers?

There are two options for water requirements: The trailers can be hooked into a normal water spigot via garden hose. The second option is to fill the unit’s fresh water holding tank for usage. Once empty, the fresh water would need to be filled as needed.

What are the power requirements?

There are two options for power requirements. They can be powered by a generator. (The generator is set on the outside of the trailer as discreetly possible and can power it for up to 8 hours). However the best option is to use a 110 volt outlet via extension cord.

How much advanced notice do I need to rent a  restroom trailer?

The trailers are scheduled on a first-come,-first-serve basis. We accept deposits to schedule and hold a trailer for your event.