Looking for Wedding Tent Package Rentals? We are the Tent Rental company that offers all the options available when it comes to Wedding Tent Rental Services.



Up to 50 People 

  • 20×40 Tent Package
  • 6- 60″ Round Tables
  • 1- 72″ Banquet Table
  • 12×12 Dance Floor
  • 50-White Standard Folding Chairs
  • 2- Sets of Globe String Lights

Up to 50 People 

  • 30×30 Tent Package
  • 5- 60″ Round Tables
  • 2- 96″ Banquet Tables
  • 2- 72″ Banquet Tables
  • 12×12 Dance Floor
  • 45-50 White Standard Folding Chairs
  • 2- Sets of Globe String Lights

Up to 68-88 People 

  • 30×45 Tent Package
  • 10- 60″ Round Tables
  • 4- 96″ Banquet Tables 
  • 12×16 Dance Floor
  • 68-88 White Standard Folding Chairs
  • 4- Sets of Globe String Lights


Up to 100 People 

  • 30×60 Tent Package
  • 12- 60″ Round Tables
  • 2- 96″ Banquet Tables 
  • 3- 72″ Banquet Tables 
  • 16×16 Dance Floor
  • 100 White Standard Folding Chairs
  • 5- Sets of Globe String Lights

Up to 150 People 

  • 40×60 Tent Package
  • 16- 60″ Round Tables
  • 5- 96″ Banquet Tables  
  • 16×16 Dance Floor
  • 150 White Garden Chairs

Up to 200 People 

  • 40×80 Tent Package
  • 24- 60″ Round Tables
  • 5- 96″ Banquet Tables  
  • 20×24 Dance Floor
  • 200 White Standard Folding Chairs
  • 8- Sets of Globe String Lights

Up to 250 People 

  • 40×100 Tent Package
  • 30- 60″ Round Tables
  • 8- 96″ Banquet Tables  
  • 24×24 Dance Floor
  • 250 White Standard Folding Chairs
  • 10- Sets of Globe String Lights

If you have landed on this page, you most likely did a search for Wedding Tent Package Rentals. We have built this page to focus on our wedding tent rental services and provide our customers located in the area with more area focus information. We offer wedding tent rental pricing information directly on our website in order to make it easier for our customers to browse our rental price list. View our price list for wedding tent rentals, standard seating tent package rentals, and tents only rentals directly from our website. After searching our website, if you don’t see a tent only rental or tent rental package that fits your specific needs, we will work with you to customize your order. Searching for Wedding Tent Rentals, Contact us Today at 516-589-9938


The answer will depend on what you are planing to do under the tent. (1) How many people do you expect to have under the tent, (2) type of seating? stand up cocktail, buffet dinner, sit down dinner, or cathedral seating. (3) If you’re going to have a Dance Floor, DJ/Band, Buffet Table, Gift tables, Bars, Throne Chairs, etc, you will most likely need the next size tent, or bigger. When searching for wedding  tent rentals we want to have all the answers to your questions, if your questions haven’t been answered please contact us.


You should always allow a minimum of 5′ all around the perimeter of the wedding tent in order for us to set up. That will mean if you order a 20’x30′ size wedding tent , the area you need to have available for us would be 30’x40′. There are times we can work with smaller areas but customer is required to make us aware in advance to be prepared. All of our crews need space in order to work around the tent we are setting up. When it comes to our delivery vehicles, the closer we can park to the set up site, the better and easier. Make sure not to forget any tree branches are hanging down or anything else that can possibly interfere with the tent set up. Tent set up area must be clear. (If we arrive and area is not clear in order for us to start the tent set up, you will be charged a wait time fee.


FOR WEDDING POLE TENTS: It’s best if you have an unobstructed space 20 feet  greater than the width and 20 feet greater than the length. For example if you want to rent a 30×45 Wedding Pole Tent you should have an unobstructed space of 50×65. We require a minimum of 10′ greater than the width and length.

WEDDING HIGH PEAK & FRAME TENTS: Requires a minimum space of as little as 5 feet greater than the width and 5 feet greater than the length.